French women in London take shopping to the next level

For the few past months, London is experiencing a new wave of French fashion related events.  London has always been home to the biggest community of French expats in the world but since the start of the European crisis, London is attracting a totally new type of French expats. I love meeting French people living in London and sharing stories and reasons why we all left France to come to London. For instance, I have noticed that French people coming to the UK are younger and they don’t all necessary come for professional reasons only. It is long over the … Continue reading

What are the French make-up secrets to look natural?


French is all about simplicity, or so we, French, want to believe. Indeed, French women tend to dress simple yet elegant and we all know how discreet they keep their makeup on a daily basis. It is even frustrating to acknowledge their allure and beauty when proudly showing such a “oh I’ve just got out bed” radiant look. Well, let’s face it, French do have if not the best, top notch beauty brands. From the most glamorous and miraculous make-up products to the latest organics daily must-have, French laboratories do know how to do things the right way. And after … Continue reading

10 Best Natural Beauty Brands From France

Beauty is something we all strive to preserve, or in some cases gain, but is there really a brand that works the wonders we all long for? French women make beauty look so easy… They’re not all made up, hair sprayed and complexion painted to perfection. They don’t care that their nails don’t match their lipstick, or that their shoes aren’t the same shade as their bag because, well, they don’t need to! To my opinion, a natural beauty is far more eye grabbing than a Barbie look-a-like, we all know that, but then why is it British women tend … Continue reading

Famous luxury macaron-maker Ladurée launches its first make-up line

Ladurée … this beautiful name instantly brings to me images of luxurious tea-times in Paris. The taste of the best macarons  and, bien sur, the luxurious beauty that dresses all the patisseries will make you feel pretty special from the moment you admire the macarons from the street to the moment you finally get to taste the finesse of one. This luxurious cake-maker has seduced the best connoisseurs from France to become the most renowned and desired macaron-maker in the world! Even if many of us know Ladurée as a revolutionary exquisite pastry shop and tea room from Paris (founded … Continue reading