Where to have drinks in Paris? Top 5 secret bars

Of course, Paris is a beautiful city full of charm and a simple glass of wine on a regular bistro’s terrace can become the most romantic and exciting evening because, hey, you are in Paris!

However, if you want to feel like a real Parisian and turn the clock back in time you can’t miss a visit to a secret bar. Picture yourself entering a prohibition type bar, through a secret door that no one in the main area knows about. Close your eyes and travel to a secret, exciting, romantic Paris and enjoy a signature cocktail where no one is watching you!

A day in Paris

The Eiffel Tower by night. Image: Cristina Alias

Even though I am a big fan of rooftop bars I must face reality and admit that Paris is probably not the best city for rooftopers. However, the Parisian je ne sais quoi and mystique vintage allure makes of Paris the best place in the world to escape and hide in a secret bar. So if you wonder where to have drinks in Paris, just follow my top 5 secret bars list for a memorable night out!

Whether you want to experience Paris from a secret perspective, impress your date or indulge a signature cocktail in a different decor and make the most of your Parisian experience! But shuuut…. try to keep these hidden gems for yourself (for now!)

Experimental Cocktail Club

37 rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris
7pm - 2am
secret bars in paris

Source: 38hrs.com

The Experimental Cocktail Club is one of the most famous speakeasy secret bars in Paris. This secret bar was Romee de Goriainoff and Pierre-Charles Cros’ first Experimental Cocktail Club, now you can find the concept all over the world and their popularity is just growing with time! The decor is very Prohibition inspired: the windows and doors are draped in black curtains, the walls are made of naked bricks and zinc bars and the light is rather warm and discreet. Because it is a popular bar in Paris, try to get there as early as possible to make sure you get a comfy seat. I personally love seating by the old piano, on one of the arm chairs. The drinks selection is amazing, surprising and of the highest standards.

Le Moonshiner

5 rue Sedaine, 75011, Paris
6pm - 2am
secret bars Paris

Source: osezleromantisme.com

This is one of these secret bars with a quirky entrance door: you have to walk through a fridge door. The Moonshiner is the secret bar of a pizzeria in the Bastille district. Personally I would recommend that you skip the pizza part to head straight to the fabulous secret bar behind the fridge door! This secret bar is very charming, beautifully decorated and quite romantic but without the fussiness. It looks more like a prohibition drinking spot rather than a glamorous secret cocktail rendez-vous. It is a great option especially if you are enjoying the buzz of La Bastille on your night out! The drinks menu is, as expected, very good and perfect for whiskey connoisseurs. The only down side is probably the service, it can be quite slow sometimes.

Le Tres Particulier

Pavillon D, 23 avenue Junot, 18e, Paris
Open all day long until midnight.
secret bars Paris

Source: infosbar.com

Warning, this secret bar is held in a very chic address! The Tres Particulier is, in fact, the secret bar of the luxury Hotel Particulier, in the very romantic Montmartre district. So if you are looking for a memorable night or if you simply want to drink in a stunning old building where elegant Parisians do, then don’t think twice and head to this secret bar. I love all you have to go through to earn the right to buy a drink: for example, you will have to jump through some hoops! To access the bar you will first have to stroll down a private street and pass through a few intercoms and buzzers before accessing the garden of the hotel which is wonderful and totally worth visiting! Designed by Louis Benech, the hotel garden feels like an enchanted forest thicket with its towering trees, wild ferns and patches of strange ivy. Once you enter the building itself, you will find the secret bar behind the small library. What I love about this venue is that you can have a delightful tea in the afternoon as well as a sexy cocktail in the evening. For instance, this secret bar is a sun room during the day and a cocktail bar from 6pm. As you would expect in such an elegant venue, the service is top-notch: attentive yet discreet and the drinks menu, one of the best in Paris!

Le Ballroom du Beef Club

58 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris
7pm - 5am
secret bars Paris

Image: cool-cities.com

Centrally located in the Opera – Les Halles district, le Ballroom du Beef Club has become one of the most sought after bars in Paris amongst the coolest crowds. This secret bar in Paris is part of the influential ECC group, by the hands of the creators of the Experimental Cocktail Club concept so it is not surprising that this new venue is giving a lot to talk about! I love this new venue as it combines a really good restaurant area on the top floor and a speakeasy underground bar which makes this bar the perfect address for a different night out! I would describe the new bar Le Ballroom as a hot hipster Parisian spot! You can dine steaks upstairs and access the basement bar through an invisible black door…  and let your night out begin!!! The drinks menu is, once again, to die for but perhaps less selective than at the classic ECC. Expect a beautiful decor, a surprising and high-quality drinks menu and a very very cool vibe. In fact, the Ballroom reminds me a lot of a London hipster styled bars (Shoerditch): cool, vintage, stylish, different, surprising, mismatched and serving high quality drinks!


52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003, Paris
12.30pm - 2am
secret Paris


Candelaria is not the most typical Parisian speakeasy secret bar but it has it all for a great night out! Candelaria is considered by most locals like a hidden gem and certainly one of the coolest spots in town. Candelaria is, in fact, a taqueria, a very good Mexican restaurant. While most people come to this venue for its great exotic food and vibrant atmosphere, some others make their way through an unmarked door to access to a very cool cocktail lounge. This is one of my favourite secret bars in Paris because of its ambiance, decor and drinks menu..it really has it all! If you go early enough, the hidden bar of the taqueria can be the perfect spot for a romantic date or for a quiet meeting: enjoy the characterful space with its own rough-hewn walls, funky seats and vintage bar and, of course, candle-lit ambiance! Obviously, the drinks are inspired by Mexican classics so if you love Margaritas this is your place! All in all, Candelaria is one of the coolest restaurants and hidden bars in Paris: expect a relaxed and hipster ambiance rather than a sophisticated and elegantly dressed crowed. Make sure you book a table for dinner because their tacos and quesadillas are so good that it gets quickly booked up, especially on weekends!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the most popular secret bars in Paris. So if you wonder where to have drinks in Paris, skip the bistro and immerse yourselves into a rather different Parisian night!

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