Top 5 French TV ads shown in the UK

The French attitude, let’s be honest here, has always been hated but, irresistibly, loved by the rest of the world. But what is about the French allure that we all love so much? I cannot help wondering myself why our problematic way of seeing things, complicated problem-solving techniques and unsatisfied permanent attitude can generate such a general fascination?

Well, the advertising industry has brilliantly found a way to show the real French attitude to their best selling markets and turn that natural arrogance and perfectionism into a desirable ideal…

Here, my favorite top 5 TV ads that brilliantly sell the very best of the worst French attitude:

5. Stella Artois, It’s Cidre not Cider! : French are always right about everything, just agree…

4.Bleu de Chanel: Beautiful actors, seduction, elegance and.. un peu d’arrogance!

3.Renault Laguna: Eric Cantona is certainly UK’s favorite’s French and represents French men at their very best.. with a twist of seduction and modest arrogance. We love him!

2.Stella Artois Quest: Retro, Parisian & romantic but French men are not so gentlemen…

1.Kronenbourg and Cantona. It is just perfect, no need to describe it just enjoy it!

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