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Amélie Poulain, the iconic dark-eyed French was once said “These are hard times for dreamers”. And we cannot deny it, especially when it comes to step outside our comfort zone. No, I am not talking about the mental space we all live in, I am just saying that the idea of a cosy evening on the sofa is often more tempting. Fortunately, there is a ray of hope for those ravenous for popcorn and good stories eaters: films can make you dream, discover and can bring you to an unexpected universe. And let’s be honest, sometimes not even a plane can take you as far as a good movie… and you do not even have to bear an air hostess selling electronic cigars!

So, why not embark for a French adventure tonight? Those are 5 of the best-not-too-old movies from the land of Jean Reno and Gérard Depardieu (Oh, wait…)

5. Skirt day

What would you do if you found a gun in one of your student’s bag? This is a brilliant confrontational critique of the French society through a portrayal of the public school system.  If you enjoyed watching The Class, be prepared to plunge into an even more provocative scenario.

Original title: La journée de la jupe │Year: 2008 Director: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

4. A Prophet

Absorbing prison drama. A young Arab Malik is taken into a French prison, where he becomes a mafia top dog. Be ready to use your brain…

Original Title: Un Prophète │ Year: 2009 │Director: Jacques Audiard

3. The Intouchables

A heartening friendship story.  How can a rich and presumptuous quadriplegic and his bald-faced live-in carer get along? Beautiful and touching comedy drama everyone would love!

Original title: Intouchables Year: 2011 │Director:  Olivier Nakache

2. Welcome to the Sticks

A funny, yet moving, movie that beautifully makes fun of the clichés and strong accent from the very North of France. This film offers a humorous reflection of the differences between the northern people and those from the south. Learn the cultural differences from Northern and Southern French people with humor!  A stranger who comes to the North cries twice: once when he arrives, and once when he is leaving.

Original title: Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis Year: 2008 Director: Dany Boon

1. Amélie

Love, dreams and Paris. Amélie is devoted to make others happy, while she is trying to pursue her romantic daydreams. Mischievously magic. A must see, that is all I can say to convince you…  It’s better to help people than garden gnomes..

Original title: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain │Year: 2001 Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Of course there are dozens of films we could rank in this list, but I believe my list can certainly outline the main dimensions of the French cinema: enchanting, gripping, comical and committed.

A good dose of pain au chocolat flavoured popcorns and French dreams.

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