Top 20 richest French people

French richest people

Welcome to 2016, Bienvenus en 2016! If you’ve ever wondered whether France is a great country for a new business venture then you should have a look at France’s top 20 richest people to have a feel for where France’s biggest fortunes are made. The rich of the rich are not doing too badly in France, for instance in 2014 their assets increased by 20% and they are only getting richer. The French elite’s fortune is estimated to be worth more than 325 billion which equals to 25% of French people’s bank savings. Despite France’s economic (and social) crisis, French … Continue reading

Top Paris Events in 2015: save the date!

A French Perspective

Paris is one of the most, if not the most, culturally rich capitals in Europe. With hundreds of art galleries, pop-up events, concerts, permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as shows and so much more… Paris has always something to offer to everyone, no matter what your inclinations are, Paris has it all. Even though Paris is continual home for cultural events, every year the French capital hosts internationally renowned major events, from an iconic jazz festival to a run up the Eiffel tower: discover the top events in Paris for 2015…. Being French myself, I have made a selection … Continue reading

Things to do in Lille : Escape for a stylish French weekend!

Lille in France

If you live in London and are looking for a great weekend or something different to do that doesn’t require long travelling hours or stressful airport check-ins, Lille might be your perfect destination! Let me help you to locate Lille: North West of France, only 10 miles from the Belgium border, 1 hour drive from Brussels and 1h26 from London by train: pretty accessible, hey? Ah, and you can also combine Lille with a nice little escape to Paris, the TGV (high speed train) takes you straight there in no time! So whether you want to concentrate in a lovely … Continue reading

Happy National Day La France!

Today, France celebrates its National day “le 14 Juillet” or the “Bastille Day” ! Today is one of the most important, if not the most important, bank holiday of the year in France. If you are travelling to France you will discover that every single municipality has its very own 14th of July festivities: activities, huge public dinners on the main square, concerts, pop-up markets and.. the fireworks by night! As a little girl, and even later in life, I could not wait for the magic of a late summer evening at the local fair followed by amazing fireworks. Even restaurants … Continue reading

Allez les Bleus !

Half and hour to go before the game France vs Germany ! This Brazil 2014 World Cup is making French people believe in football again! So, from A French Perspective we want to wish our national team Good luck and encourage our British friends and supporters to shout with us “Allez les Bleus!” Unfortunately… I have noticed British people tend to support a little bit more Germany than France.. might tonight’s team performance make them change their mind? Let’s see what happens at 5pm on the 04/07/2014 As a reminder “Allez” means GO and “Les Bleus” is the way French … Continue reading

May Day & the Tradition of muguet in France

Oh, how wonderful spring is! With its bees, flowers, sun and rain (well, yes we have rain all year round in England). I know spring began on March the 20th and that it is a bit late to get excited about it, but what sometimes is ignored is that from ancient times to the present different countries have celebrated a spring festival on the 1st of May. Luckily, England is one of those… so we can nowadays enjoy a public holiday! Indeed in England we celebrate the spring festival and also the International Worker’s Day. Well, the 1st of May is public … Continue reading

Le Canal du Midi: The Best way to discover the South of France!

If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful yet exciting vacation the Canal du Midi in the South of France might be the ideal destination you haven’t thought about… yet! Try to picture yourself slowly discovering one of the most beautiful areas of France at your pace on a narrow barge… The Canal is a dream for those looking to escape the stressful city live, go on a great and fun family holiday or simply enjoy the very best of French delights with friends, family or your beloved one. The Canal is part of the French cultural heritage but … Continue reading

Top 5 French films of the last decade

Amélie Poulain, the iconic dark-eyed French was once said “These are hard times for dreamers”. And we cannot deny it, especially when it comes to step outside our comfort zone. No, I am not talking about the mental space we all live in, I am just saying that the idea of a cosy evening on the sofa is often more tempting. Fortunately, there is a ray of hope for those ravenous for popcorn and good stories eaters: films can make you dream, discover and can bring you to an unexpected universe. And let’s be honest, sometimes not even a plane can take you as … Continue reading

Paris falls in love with a sexier than ever Shakira !

Shakira, one of the sexiest and most influent singers in the world is back! After a little break, Shakira is back! She has just released her new single co-written with the Fabulous Rihanna “Can’t remember to forget you”. The Spanish version “Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte” has been released today… what a treat! She is back, more powerful and sexy than ever but this time, her single shows a return to her original style more Latin pop/rock rather than a commercial Pop/Dance style she went for lately. We will also enjoy her presence and charisma on the 6th season of … Continue reading

Top 10 retro images of Paris

Paris.. je t’aime! That is all I can say when I think of Paris, Paris the most romantic city in the world.  Well, I must admit, I have never had a Parisian love affair, never fallen in love with a Parisian and I have not even enjoyed a romantic trip to Paris. However, Paris means love to me. I am simply in love with Paris. From the moment I step out of the train station I can’t help feeling excited and even nervous. Paris has something about I can’t define… I am originally from the South of France where everything … Continue reading