Restaurant le Sacré Cœur : Probablement le meilleur restaurant français de Londres

Droits d'image: Cristina Alias Podgorny

J’avoue, les doigts sur mon clavier, que j’hésite encore à rédiger cet article concernant le restaurant français le Sacré Cœur, situé à Islington, Londres. Avis partagé ? Des problèmes d’inspiration, peut-être ? Non, il n’en est rien de tout cela. Mon hésitation à partager cette adresse vient juste du fait que si je donne mon avis à mes amis de Londres.. je ne pourrais plus réserver une table d’ici 2016 ! Allons, laissons l’avarice de côté et passons aux choses sérieuses. La situation est simple : une française à Londres (venant du Sud-Ouest ou la gastronomie et la cuisine de terroir sont notre religion) qui ne croit plus … Continue reading

Top 5 French desserts: Bring the sweet taste of France to your kitchen!

Someone said French desserts? Remember these three words: Fluffiness, creaminess and delicacy because they are the key that will make you fall in love with French desserts. Unsurprisingly, the word “dessert” finds its origins in the French term dessevir (la table) which means “to clear the table.” Today, almost four centuries after desserts started to become popular, French cuisine is still treating people from all over the world with delightful desserts. No matter whether you are eating a flaky, fruity and layered pastry, an airy and bubbly mousse or a light and traditional éclair, there is only one word to … Continue reading

Top 5 Classic French dishes everyone can cook!

French cuisine can, to some, sound pretentious and complicated but, in fact, French tend to cook very simply on a daily basis. Indeed, French use simple and natural basics making cooking something quick, healthy and tasty! There is no secret to their world-renowned cooking skills, the only -and main tip- is that they DO cook, and they do it every day (no matter when, where, how and who for). Ok, one thing is true, French like eating. Year after year, European independent surveys show French people spend -in average- double and even triple than the rest of their neighbors on … Continue reading