Where to have drinks in Paris? Top 5 secret bars

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Of course, Paris is a beautiful city full of charm and a simple glass of wine on a regular bistro’s terrace can become the most romantic and exciting evening because, hey, you are in Paris! However, if you want to feel like a real Parisian and turn the clock back in time you can’t miss a visit to a secret bar. Picture yourself entering a prohibition type bar, through a secret door that no one in the main area knows about. Close your eyes and travel to a secret, exciting, romantic Paris and enjoy a signature cocktail where no one … Continue reading

Les 10 meilleurs rooftops de Madrid

rooftops de Madrid

Quand on pense à l’Espagne, on pense systématiquement au soleil, au beau temps et aux terrasses ensoleillées. Madrid, tout comme Barcelone, Paris ou Londres s’est mise à la mode des rooftops, ces fameuses terrasses sur les toits qui nous font tant rêver. Alors si vous visitez la capitale espagnole -surtout au printemps- je vous conseille vivement de rendre une petite visite à (au moins) l’un de mes rooftops préférés. Madrid, tout comme Barcelone et Londres, suit la tendance cosmopolite des terrasses sur les toits et, en quelques années, elle est devenue une des villes les plus branchées avec un large choix de rooftops. Si vous me suivez ou, tout simplement, … Continue reading

London’s highest garden: The Sky Garden rooftop

sky garden

London is a fascinating city and one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. London is certainly a very desirable cultural city with an endless offer of musicals, concerts, exhibitions, museums and you name it. However, there is one type of attraction that puts London directly into my top travel choices: the rooftops. Yes, you read it. I am in love with London rooftop bars. But despite my unconditional love for Paris, I must confess that London has a wider and most attractive leisure offer when it comes to surprising venues. In the City of London particularly, you … Continue reading

Duck and Waffle: drinks above London’s clouds

Credit: Cristina Alias

Last Sunday I was kind of bored and in need for a different experience, well as mentioned, it was Sunday which means “lazy mode” so marathon training, clubbing or high-street shopping were just not an option. Suddenly, the idea of a lazy cocktail above the clouds popped into my mind and deliciously attracted me towards the Duck & Waffle in the City of London.  The sky bars at the Heron Tower are not a novelty anymore: indeed, Sushi Samba has undeniably become the hottest rooftop in town. On weekends expect lines of extremely dressed-up people outside the elevator door and … Continue reading

The best rooftop bars in the City of London this summer

London is known for its very attractive and vibrant nightlife around the world. In the past decade, London has also been working hard to become one of the best gastronomic capitals of the world too: visitors, residents and even Michelin stared French chefs, like Joel Robuchon, all agree with the fact that London hosts the most exciting, inventive and international offer of top-notch restaurants in the world. Everything is possible in London, whatever your crave is, whatever your budget, London has it! As a serious foodie and cocktail amateur, I find myself exploring new avenues on a regular basis…letting London … Continue reading

What are the best cocktail bars in Dubrovnik?

I have just returned from an amazing week in the Pearl of the Adriatic and apart from falling in love with the people, the views, the sunsets and the historical heritage, I have absolutely loved the choice of beautiful -day and night- bars with views! If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik or if you are already there, wondering where could you go to end up your day in style then I recommend you go through my little selection list! To me, luxury doesn’t come with price but with the wow-factor. Veuve-Cliquot or local wine both taste heaven when you … Continue reading

The Best rooftop lounge bars in Barcelona this summer

It’s time to start dreaming about a fabulous signature cocktails.. and why not about a cocktail, in Barcelona, on a rooftop bar? How does this sound to you? Ok,  I am French, but I won’t deny my Spanish nationality either, my father being Spanish and me growing up in Catalonia! Do not call me patriotic, I am just pretty much convinced Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for holidays, for work, for parties, for culture and romance! Vibrant and modern, multicultural, dynamic and ultra beautiful; Barcelona is the perfect weekend get-away from your routines (or one … Continue reading