Paris falls in love with a sexier than ever Shakira !

Shakira, one of the sexiest and most influent singers in the world is back!

After a little break, Shakira is back! She has just released her new single co-written with the Fabulous Rihanna “Can’t remember to forget you”. The Spanish version “Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte” has been released today… what a treat!

Shakira is back with her singke "I can't remember to forget you". Source

Shakira is back with her single “I can’t remember to forget you”. Source

She is back, more powerful and sexy than ever but this time, her single shows a return to her original style more Latin pop/rock rather than a commercial Pop/Dance style she went for lately. We will also enjoy her presence and charisma on the 6th season of the Voice, she is one of the new coaches replacing  Christina Aguilera. We can’t wait to have her back in our lives!

New single from Shakira: Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte from the album "Shakira"

New single from Shakira: Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte from the album “Shakira”

Shakira knows how to make us turn crazy when she starts moving her hips at the rhythm of her powerful and very special voice ! From the moment we heard her first big hit “Whenever, Wherever” we knew we will all fall for the young Colombian. And since then, Shakira has not stopped making us dance and dream with singles like “She wolf”, “Loca”, “Hips don’t lie” or “Waka Waka”.

Shakira certainly knows how to combine her sexy hips movements with a powerful Latin/Lebanese choreography! Shakira is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest artists on the planet, image that she has tried to push and preserve since the world-wide success of “Whenever, Wherever”. Indeed, nearly 10 years ater, Shakira released the even more sexy and crazy clip “Loca” filmed in Barcelona (Spanish city where she is currently living with her handsome husband Gerard Pique and her cute little son, Milan).

Shakira with Gerard PIque and their son MIlan. Source

Shakira with Gerard PIque and their son MIlan. Source

Shakira was born in Barranquillas, Colombia, where she started her career as a dancer and singer very early in live. Her singing and dancing talents were an evidence to the Latin Market when she published her debut  album in 1990 “Magia y Peligro” followed by “Pies descalzos” in 1996 and “Dónde Están los Ladrones?” in 1998. But she only jumped to the top of the world when she decided to start singing in English and not just in Spanish any more. Although, in love with her origins and language, Shakira has always published an English and a Spanish version of  her albums. She exposed her unique voice and irresistible dancing skills to entire world.. and we loved her. Since the release of her first album in English “Laundry Service” which sold more than 20 million copies, Shakira is adored and admired by all kind of public.

Shakira has the key of success as she has it all: a unique and powerful voice no one can deny, great clips and live choreography, a sexy and appealing image and this Latin rhythm we can’t resist. She is also a very versatile artist that surprises her public, year after year, with different type singles, duos and even registers. Let’s remember her great R&B duo with Beyonce “Beautiful Liar” released in 2007.

However, Shakira is not all hot and speed rhythms, Shakira is also talent, elegance and romanticism. We all remember her beautiful songs like “Underneath your clothes” that touched the deepest side of our soul.

Biggest surprise in France: one of French favourite’s international artist decides to sing a French song in Paris.. Oh mon Dieu!

Shakira interprets the original song written by the singer Francis Cabrel, one of the biggest French icons ever (time for you to practise some French!)

She chooses to bless France with the title “Je l’aime a mourir” from the album “Les Chemins de Traverse” released in 1971. This title was so successful at the time that Cabrel itself decided to translate it in Spanish with the help of Luis Gómez-Escolar. He included the new Spanish version “La quiero a morir” in his album “Algo mas de Amor” published in 1979, both versions were an absolute hit.

Shakira decided to include the Spanish and French version of “Je l’aime a mourir” in the repertoire of her World Tour in 2011 “The Sun comes out”. We then discover a very touching, pure and emotional Shakira singing in French (she even chooses to wear a princess-type dress when singing it). The single is finally released in France in January the 23th 2012. French people go absolutely mad and the single becomes number 1 from the first week. In only 38 weeks, the single is completely sold out (over 300.000 copies sold).

It is not surprising French adore Shakira singing in French, she sounds absolutely out of this world and sexier than ever… is the French accent combined with her Latin voice the key of success? Maybe.. in the meantime discover -or re-discover- this beautiful performance (NRJ Music Awards 2012 on TF1 TV Channel)

Oui, French love Shakira but Shakira also loves France and its people. She loves going on shopping trips to Paris but she also loves the peaceful French countryside. Last summer, she posted a couple of family photos on her Twitter account from Perpignan and from the picturesque French Pyrennees.

Shakira enjoying the nice southern France bistros. She twitted these photos from Perpignan, France.

Shakira enjoying the nice southern France bistros. She twitted these photos from Perpignan, France.


Shakire posted this great photo last summer from the French Pyrennees

Shakira posted this great photo last summer from the French Pyrennees


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