London’s best destination: Shad Thames

Whether you are native Londoner or a visitor, Tower Bridge is always a great destination. Let’s not confuse London Bridge with Tower Bridge.. yes, that happens all the time..including to me when I first came to the English capital. London Bridge is the “plain” bridge that connects London Bridge station with Monument. Tower Bridge is the iconic Bridge of London, next to Tower Hill: needless to add more explanations…

Enjoying Amazing views of Tower Bridge and Shad Thames from the Shard

Enjoying Amazing views of Tower Bridge and Shad Thames from the Shard

Well, if you are planning to proudly show your friends -or visiting family- the Pearl of London then head to Tower Bridge (London Bridge or Tower Hill Station) for a great day. Enjoy the unmissable Tower Bridge, the Exhibition a Tower Hill, the S0uthbank walk towards Waterloo (including Borough Market, The Shakespeare Globe and the Tate Museum on the way) and get lost in Shad Thames!

Shad Thames, also known as Butler’s Wharf, is the adjacent neighborhood on the right inside of Tower Bridge -if you are coming from London Bridge. Not many people know about this beautiful area and tend to stop by the Bridge, missing one of the most characterful streets of London: converted warehouses, pedestrian streets, art galleries, the Design Museum, shops, coffee and tea shops and a glorious and vibrant waterfront!

Both residents and tourists can enjoy the movie-decor streets and architecture combined with a wide range of services and outstanding City and Tower Bridge’s views.

Get your camera ready and visit Shad Thames for the best and most iconic London’s views! Don’t forget to enjoy a couple of drinks by the riverside and try some food at one of the many restaurants with views you will find along the river walk.

Today is all about a love story between Shad Thames and Tower Bridge.

Bonne visite mes amis!


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