Happy National Day La France!

Today, France celebrates its National day “le 14 Juillet” or the “Bastille Day” !

Today is one of the most important, if not the most important, bank holiday of the year in France. If you are travelling to France you will discover that every single municipality has its very own 14th of July festivities: activities, huge public dinners on the main square, concerts, pop-up markets and.. the fireworks by night! As a little girl, and even later in life, I could not wait for the magic of a late summer evening at the local fair followed by amazing fireworks. Even restaurants and hotels do something special for this day (menus, surprises, complimentary treats).

La Bastille ParisThe Bastille Day is certainly a huge celebration that brings every French together around endless day and night celebrations! Today, an impressive national parade is held in Paris, on les Champs-Elysees with the presence of the Military Forces, the President of the Republic and all major French authorities. This day is also a commemoration on French National values :

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

This day is world-wide know and one of the most important days in History as the French Revolution established the  the start of the 1st French republic and democracy alongside the declaration on The Human Rights. The end of the Royal tyrannies, and power to the people,  has been celebrated every year since 1880 (except during WWII)


In order to celebrate the National Day with our beloved French friends, let’s listen to the national anthem. The lyrics and the melody marked the begging of revolutionary patriotic songs in Europe. The song was composed in 1792 by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle with the objective to motivate his compatriots during the revolutionary fights. To better understand the passion and the meaning of the French anthem I recommend you listen to the video which includes an English translation


Vive la France!


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