French women in London take shopping to the next level

For the few past months, London is experiencing a new wave of French fashion related events. 

London has always been home to the biggest community of French expats in the world but since the start of the European crisis, London is attracting a totally new type of French expats.

I love meeting French people living in London and sharing stories and reasons why we all left France to come to London. For instance, I have noticed that French people coming to the UK are younger and they don’t all necessary come for professional reasons only. It is long over the time when the French would only come to London for business or family related reasons, to make more money or to grow their career in banking. Nowadays, lots of young French people look up to London and dream of spending some time, or a lifetime, in what we consider an eclectic and dynamic European capital.

A French Perspective

A long story short, French are coming to London for many and diverse reasons: to learn English, to get international work experience, to complete an internship, to get a better job, to develop their artistic career, to party, etc. But whichever the reason, we all love everything London has to offer, from work opportunities to a general freedom feeling: in London you can express yourself, your personal style, your art, your serious or crazy lifestyle and your professional skills without being (severely) judged! In cities like Paris, we love following all type of rules so.. oh la la if you don’t!

Cristina AliasTo French women, been stylish is a must

That being said, there is a growing community of French women in London getting together around French organised events. I must confess that coming from France, we tend to trust French hairdressers, beauticians and fashion advisers (not to talk about our French food products!).

This is why there is an increasing number of French women’s communities on the Social Media. For the past two year, I have also seen a boom of new French blogs launched in London by French women who want to express their individual fashion style, all inspired by the je ne sais quoi of London’s streets.

The idea behind these Social Media groups is to get genuine feminine support while living London. For example, in this popular Facebook group of French ladies -called Les Filles de Londres– users look for beauty tips, shopping ideas, product reviews, second-hand clothes to sell or buy, etc. But these French groups of ladies in London don’t look for French products or French professionals only, they just want to have a French point of view on great creams, job ideas, fashion events, clothes sales and so much more!

A French Perspective

So if you want to get fashion and beauty recommendations and your French is not too bad, why not joining these communities? 

Even though these trendy fashion events are organised by French women willing to network and help other expats, these fashion events are open to every woman in London, no matter where you come from. Even more, not just they are open to everyone but French women are very keen to meet new people and make the most of their time in London and also to learn some extra lifestyle tips from British women!

A French Perspective

There are many fashion events in London organised by French expats, just like my Facebook page where I post the latest events.

vide dressingFor example, the Facebook group of Les “Filles de Londres” organizes regularly “vide-dressing”, literary meaning empty-dressing. These private trunk sales events take place in the iconic Shoreditch, the hottest area in London for fashion and design events. The “vide-dressing” is organised every month (check my Facebook to find out about the exact dates) and every time brings new surprises.


Les Filles de londres

The event is in a cool décor where French ladies will be selling their clothes and fashion accessories. The ambiance is relaxed, festive and cool and it will be drinks and food to welcome the visitors. The idea is to find great deals from the hands of French fashion addicts. Brands and prices vary but you can find from a simple t-shirt at £1 to new designer dresses at discounted prices. There is always brands, prices and sizes for every one and every pocket but what is guaranteed is a lot of fun and great ladies’ conviviality. This time, the event will also host a renowned French beautician, a French cook and at the end, a fun price draw.

There many of these fashion events all over London, just check my Facebook page regularly for the latest updates. The concept is simple: French women sell their beautiful hand-picked clothes: all like new or new, designer and high-street branded, featuring different styles (from office to elegant and denim) and at all attractive prices!  So expect lots of fun and glamour!

Please share the news and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more info about these Fashion events!

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