Barbecoa by Jamie Oliver: fine dining restaurant review

barbecoa Jamie Oliver London

I have recently been invited to spend a fabulous city evening at the oh so acclaimed Jamie Oliver’s finest meat restaurant in London: Barbecoa. I was very much looking forward to discovering this steak’s temple not only because I love a proper high-quality meat restaurant but because this spot has become a reference within London’s fine dining addicts scene. First of all, I must admit that as a southern French native I love steaks and proper locally sourced (especially organic) beef meet and any special, or regular, occasion is the perfect excuse for a thick cut of Sirloin, Rib-Eye or … Continue reading

London’s best destination: Shad Thames

Whether you are native Londoner or a visitor, Tower Bridge is always a great destination. Let’s not confuse London Bridge with Tower Bridge.. yes, that happens all the time..including to me when I first came to the English capital. London Bridge is the “plain” bridge that connects London Bridge station with Monument. Tower Bridge is the iconic Bridge of London, next to Tower Hill: needless to add more explanations… Well, if you are planning to proudly show your friends -or visiting family- the Pearl of London then head to Tower Bridge (London Bridge or Tower Hill Station) for a great … Continue reading

The best rooftop bars in the City of London this summer

London is known for its very attractive and vibrant nightlife around the world. In the past decade, London has also been working hard to become one of the best gastronomic capitals of the world too: visitors, residents and even Michelin stared French chefs, like Joel Robuchon, all agree with the fact that London hosts the most exciting, inventive and international offer of top-notch restaurants in the world. Everything is possible in London, whatever your crave is, whatever your budget, London has it! As a serious foodie and cocktail amateur, I find myself exploring new avenues on a regular basis…letting London … Continue reading

What are the best cocktail bars in Dubrovnik?

I have just returned from an amazing week in the Pearl of the Adriatic and apart from falling in love with the people, the views, the sunsets and the historical heritage, I have absolutely loved the choice of beautiful -day and night- bars with views! If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik or if you are already there, wondering where could you go to end up your day in style then I recommend you go through my little selection list! To me, luxury doesn’t come with price but with the wow-factor. Veuve-Cliquot or local wine both taste heaven when you … Continue reading

The Best rooftop lounge bars in Barcelona this summer

It’s time to start dreaming about a fabulous signature cocktails.. and why not about a cocktail, in Barcelona, on a rooftop bar? How does this sound to you? Ok,  I am French, but I won’t deny my Spanish nationality either, my father being Spanish and me growing up in Catalonia! Do not call me patriotic, I am just pretty much convinced Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for holidays, for work, for parties, for culture and romance! Vibrant and modern, multicultural, dynamic and ultra beautiful; Barcelona is the perfect weekend get-away from your routines (or one … Continue reading

Fine dining in London: review of the Northall Restaurant

After a truly magical evening at the Corinthia 5 star Hotel in London for diner, I felt I had to share my experience with you! Being French I think it is in my genes to love good food, so I did not feel guilty the day I realized fine dining had become one of my biggest hobbies in life. However, I do not believe fine dining means expensive restaurants, pretentious 7 lines complicated dish names or even awards or Michelin stars. From my personal perspective, fine dining is the result of a combination of quality ingredients, creativity, savoir-faire, service and atmosphere. … Continue reading