Things to do in Lille : Escape for a stylish French weekend!

Lille in France

If you live in London and are looking for a great weekend or something different to do that doesn’t require long travelling hours or stressful airport check-ins, Lille might be your perfect destination! Let me help you to locate Lille: North West of France, only 10 miles from the Belgium border, 1 hour drive from Brussels and 1h26 from London by train: pretty accessible, hey? Ah, and you can also combine Lille with a nice little escape to Paris, the TGV (high speed train) takes you straight there in no time! So whether you want to concentrate in a lovely … Continue reading

Les Alpilles, a hidden secret destination in Provence

View of the Alpilles from Les Baux de Provence

Les Alpilles, literary meaning the small Alpes, is a very secret yet extremely desirable part of the French Provence. If you are looking for the real Provençal experience, the one and only that we picture when entering a L’Occitane boutique anywhere in the world, then look no further and share my little secret destination. I cannot help feeling like a real Provençal native as I live, feel and expect from the world as if Provence’s traditions and culture were a proper philosophy. However, to be totally honest my roots belong to the South-West France, an outstanding and characterful region located … Continue reading

What are the French make-up secrets to look natural?


French is all about simplicity, or so we, French, want to believe. Indeed, French women tend to dress simple yet elegant and we all know how discreet they keep their makeup on a daily basis. It is even frustrating to acknowledge their allure and beauty when proudly showing such a “oh I’ve just got out bed” radiant look. Well, let’s face it, French do have if not the best, top notch beauty brands. From the most glamorous and miraculous make-up products to the latest organics daily must-have, French laboratories do know how to do things the right way. And after … Continue reading

Top 5 French Brasserie’s Classics you should try in Paris

Bonjour! Planning a romantic trip to France this summer or just a short stop-by in the French capital? Well, I am pretty sure you are already dreaming of a nice culinary experience and, if not, almost all your friends will certainly picture you enjoying the most delicate and inexpensive cuisine … So, get ready and start planning a nice stop at a Brasserie! If you are not a French native you will certainly want to eat whenever you feel like.. so for once in France, you are in luck! As a quick reminder, the French are very strict when it … Continue reading

Happy National Day La France!

Today, France celebrates its National day “le 14 Juillet” or the “Bastille Day” ! Today is one of the most important, if not the most important, bank holiday of the year in France. If you are travelling to France you will discover that every single municipality has its very own 14th of July festivities: activities, huge public dinners on the main square, concerts, pop-up markets and.. the fireworks by night! As a little girl, and even later in life, I could not wait for the magic of a late summer evening at the local fair followed by amazing fireworks. Even restaurants … Continue reading

Allez les Bleus !

Half and hour to go before the game France vs Germany ! This Brazil 2014 World Cup is making French people believe in football again! So, from A French Perspective we want to wish our national team Good luck and encourage our British friends and supporters to shout with us “Allez les Bleus!” Unfortunately… I have noticed British people tend to support a little bit more Germany than France.. might tonight’s team performance make them change their mind? Let’s see what happens at 5pm on the 04/07/2014 As a reminder “Allez” means GO and “Les Bleus” is the way French … Continue reading

10 Best Natural Beauty Brands From France

Beauty is something we all strive to preserve, or in some cases gain, but is there really a brand that works the wonders we all long for? French women make beauty look so easy… They’re not all made up, hair sprayed and complexion painted to perfection. They don’t care that their nails don’t match their lipstick, or that their shoes aren’t the same shade as their bag because, well, they don’t need to! To my opinion, a natural beauty is far more eye grabbing than a Barbie look-a-like, we all know that, but then why is it British women tend … Continue reading

May Day & the Tradition of muguet in France

Oh, how wonderful spring is! With its bees, flowers, sun and rain (well, yes we have rain all year round in England). I know spring began on March the 20th and that it is a bit late to get excited about it, but what sometimes is ignored is that from ancient times to the present different countries have celebrated a spring festival on the 1st of May. Luckily, England is one of those… so we can nowadays enjoy a public holiday! Indeed in England we celebrate the spring festival and also the International Worker’s Day. Well, the 1st of May is public … Continue reading

Top 5 French desserts: Bring the sweet taste of France to your kitchen!

Someone said French desserts? Remember these three words: Fluffiness, creaminess and delicacy because they are the key that will make you fall in love with French desserts. Unsurprisingly, the word “dessert” finds its origins in the French term dessevir (la table) which means “to clear the table.” Today, almost four centuries after desserts started to become popular, French cuisine is still treating people from all over the world with delightful desserts. No matter whether you are eating a flaky, fruity and layered pastry, an airy and bubbly mousse or a light and traditional éclair, there is only one word to … Continue reading

Le Canal du Midi: The Best way to discover the South of France!

If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful yet exciting vacation the Canal du Midi in the South of France might be the ideal destination you haven’t thought about… yet! Try to picture yourself slowly discovering one of the most beautiful areas of France at your pace on a narrow barge… The Canal is a dream for those looking to escape the stressful city live, go on a great and fun family holiday or simply enjoy the very best of French delights with friends, family or your beloved one. The Canal is part of the French cultural heritage but … Continue reading