Top 20 richest French people

French richest people

Welcome to 2016, Bienvenus en 2016! If you’ve ever wondered whether France is a great country for a new business venture then you should have a look at France’s top 20 richest people to have a feel for where France’s biggest fortunes are made. The rich of the rich are not doing too badly in France, for instance in 2014 their assets increased by 20% and they are only getting richer. The French elite’s fortune is estimated to be worth more than 325 billion which equals to 25% of French people’s bank savings. Despite France’s economic (and social) crisis, French … Continue reading

A day in Saint-Jean-de Luz: top attractions

a day in saint jean de luz

Saint-Jean-de-Luz -on the South West coast- is certainly one of the most desired sea-side towns in France but despite being one of the most exclusives post codes, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a holiday destination everybody would enjoy. If you are travelling to the South West of France I would definitely recommend that you spend a day in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Even though Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a small sized sea-side town, it offers so many things to do that you could comfortably spend  2 weeks there and never get bored, I promise. I have just spent the most amazing 10 days there and every day was … Continue reading

Where to buy Christmas decorations in Paris?

Christmas decorations in Paris

If you are lucky enough to travel to Paris during this festive season you may want to bring back home some Christmas decorations from the most elegant city in the world! Impress your friends and loved ones with the best souvenir ever or simply spoil yourself! Find out below where to buy Christmas decorations in Paris and enjoy the whole experience by visiting the most iconic, luxurious and vibrant boutiques in Paris. Un, deux, trois… c’est parti pour Noël! Les Galleries Lafayette If you are aware of the French fashion and lifestyle scene you would certainly know by now that … Continue reading

Where to have drinks in Paris? Top 5 secret bars

A French Perspective all rights reserved

Of course, Paris is a beautiful city full of charm and a simple glass of wine on a regular bistro’s terrace can become the most romantic and exciting evening because, hey, you are in Paris! However, if you want to feel like a real Parisian and turn the clock back in time you can’t miss a visit to a secret bar. Picture yourself entering a prohibition type bar, through a secret door that no one in the main area knows about. Close your eyes and travel to a secret, exciting, romantic Paris and enjoy a signature cocktail where no one … Continue reading

A day in Paris: walk your way around

A day in Paris

Paris, the cultural capital of the world certainly can’t be discovered in one day only, however a day in Paris is more than enough to feel the French essence and get a feel for what this romantic city is all about.  Whenever I have some spare time in a new city -in between flights or as part of a tight travel itinerary- I try to keep it simple rather than to rush to the most famous museum or try to check the top 20 attractions list published on some travel guide. If I am that short on time, what matters … Continue reading

The best patisseries in Paris

best patisseries in Paris

If you visit Paris for the day, for the weekend or for the whole week you should definitely schedule a visit to one of the most renowned patisseries in Paris. France is, indeed, home to the most talented and prestigious chefs patissiers in the whole world and Paris, being the capital, hosts their boutiques where you can admire and taste their beautiful work. To me, French patisseries are pure art translated into a piece of delicious tangible heaven. Buying a gâteau, a macaron, a tarte, a molleux, a mousse or any of the treats at the patisserie counter is a … Continue reading

Top reasons to visit the French Riviera

visit the French Riviera

One should not look for reasons to head to the glamorous French Rivera and visit one of the most stunning regions in Europe. However, if you are still not convinced about the endless travel possibilities Nice and its surroundings have to offer, let me show you the highlights of my recent stay in the French Rivera. I love travelling to Nice during the off-peak season which is basically any time of the year except in July and August. As you might know, French have their school holiday from the beginning of July to the end of August and most of … Continue reading

Saint Guilhem le Desert: a gorgeous UNESCO village in South France

saint guilhem le desert

  Nestled in the valley of the Gellone river in the Montpellier region of France, you’ll find the magnificent medieval village of Saint Guilhem le Desert. The village is a UNESCO world heritage site, and part of the pilgrim route to Saint Jaques de Compostelle (Galicia, Spain).   Why visit Saint Guilhem le Desert? This ancient village is so picturesque that you’ll probably have to pinch yourself when you see it, just to check you aren’t dreaming! Winding cobbled laneways and beautiful painted doorways make this place a very romantic spot. The narrow little streets are dotted with art and … Continue reading

French women in London take shopping to the next level

For the few past months, London is experiencing a new wave of French fashion related events.  London has always been home to the biggest community of French expats in the world but since the start of the European crisis, London is attracting a totally new type of French expats. I love meeting French people living in London and sharing stories and reasons why we all left France to come to London. For instance, I have noticed that French people coming to the UK are younger and they don’t all necessary come for professional reasons only. It is long over the … Continue reading

Top Paris Events in 2015: save the date!

A French Perspective

Paris is one of the most, if not the most, culturally rich capitals in Europe. With hundreds of art galleries, pop-up events, concerts, permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as shows and so much more… Paris has always something to offer to everyone, no matter what your inclinations are, Paris has it all. Even though Paris is continual home for cultural events, every year the French capital hosts internationally renowned major events, from an iconic jazz festival to a run up the Eiffel tower: discover the top events in Paris for 2015…. Being French myself, I have made a selection … Continue reading