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As a French native speaker with Master Degrees in European culture & communications, Cristina enjoys writing about luxury travel, gastronomy and lifestyle. With international experience in the communications & marketing industry, Cristina combines her real life passions with a career in Digital Marketing. Thanks to her professional & travel experience. Cristina specializes in first-hand luxury travel & lifestyle topics. Cristina's favorite saying: Keep calm > La vie est belle !

What are the most romantic songs in France?

The weekend is approaching… it is time get started and find something original!  If want to amaze your loved one with a well-wrapped and, maybe, expensive gift, just forget about!  What about a real romantic French themed soiree? Save yourself some time (and money) and put together a very special evening… let the  va va boom flow… Start by getting some simple cooking ideas (come on, you can do it!) from my favorite -yet super simple- French recipes, set up a nice diner table along a couple of candles and play the most romantic music on the planet! This is … Continue reading

A 2H de Londres, découvrez les côtes françaises!

Depuis les plages anglaises (et par temps découvert, évidement !) il est parfois possible de distinguer au large les côtes françaises. Seulement 30km séparent l’Angleterre de la France, et grâce à la liaison du Tunnel sous la manche (Le Shuttle), vous arriverez en seulement 35 minutes de traversée sur la Côte d’Opale à Calais.. ou vice-versa! La Côte d’Opale est une région côtière française qui s’étend sur 120km entre la frontière belge et la frontière avec la Picardie. Elle englobe de grandes villes telles que Dunkerque, Calais, Saint-Omer, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Montreuil ou encore Berck. Elle réunit des paysages variés de plages, dunes, marais, estuaires, … Continue reading

Top 3 rules to get it right when dining in France !

If you fancy good cuisine and you are thinking about making the most of your next vacation in France, you just need to remember my main tips to get the best value for money in French restaurants. It is just funny for me to hear my French friends commenting on how expensive London is in terms of food and, on the other hand, listening to my British friends complaining about the exorbitant price of restaurants across the Channel. And after a long and very in-detail explanation (I always chose the non-straight to the point French way of explaining situations) I … Continue reading

Top 5 Classic French dishes everyone can cook!

French cuisine can, to some, sound pretentious and complicated but, in fact, French tend to cook very simply on a daily basis. Indeed, French use simple and natural basics making cooking something quick, healthy and tasty! There is no secret to their world-renowned cooking skills, the only -and main tip- is that they DO cook, and they do it every day (no matter when, where, how and who for). Ok, one thing is true, French like eating. Year after year, European independent surveys show French people spend -in average- double and even triple than the rest of their neighbors on … Continue reading

Top 5 French TV ads shown in the UK

The French attitude, let’s be honest here, has always been hated but, irresistibly, loved by the rest of the world. But what is about the French allure that we all love so much? I cannot help wondering myself why our problematic way of seeing things, complicated problem-solving techniques and unsatisfied permanent attitude can generate such a general fascination? Well, the advertising industry has brilliantly found a way to show the real French attitude to their best selling markets and turn that natural arrogance and perfectionism into a desirable ideal… Here, my favorite top 5 TV ads that brilliantly sell the … Continue reading