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As a French native speaker with Master Degrees in European culture & communications, Cristina enjoys writing about luxury travel, gastronomy and lifestyle. With international experience in the communications & marketing industry, Cristina combines her real life passions with a career in Digital Marketing. Thanks to her professional & travel experience. Cristina specializes in first-hand luxury travel & lifestyle topics. Cristina's favorite saying: Keep calm > La vie est belle !

Les 10 meilleurs rooftops de Madrid

rooftops de Madrid

Quand on pense à l’Espagne, on pense systématiquement au soleil, au beau temps et aux terrasses ensoleillées. Madrid, tout comme Barcelone, Paris ou Londres s’est mise à la mode des rooftops, ces fameuses terrasses sur les toits qui nous font tant rêver. Alors si vous visitez la capitale espagnole -surtout au printemps- je vous conseille vivement de rendre une petite visite à (au moins) l’un de mes rooftops préférés. Madrid, tout comme Barcelone et Londres, suit la tendance cosmopolite des terrasses sur les toits et, en quelques années, elle est devenue une des villes les plus branchées avec un large choix de rooftops. Si vous me suivez ou, tout simplement, … Continue reading

A luxury weekend in Budapest

luxury Budapest weekend

I have recently escaped from the stressful and monotone city routine to a luxury weekend in Budapest. If you follow my blog you would already know I love experiencing new destinations that offer not only a luxury stay but also a full-on cultural options. Being French, I tend to be quite demanding (or so people say) so I also like going to places when it is not too crowded and I can make the most of all the hot spots, sites and hotel facilities. So I booked my 3 night’s weekend in Budapest seeking for a cultural and stylish getaway… … Continue reading

London’s highest garden: The Sky Garden rooftop

sky garden

London is a fascinating city and one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. London is certainly a very desirable cultural city with an endless offer of musicals, concerts, exhibitions, museums and you name it. However, there is one type of attraction that puts London directly into my top travel choices: the rooftops. Yes, you read it. I am in love with London rooftop bars. But despite my unconditional love for Paris, I must confess that London has a wider and most attractive leisure offer when it comes to surprising venues. In the City of London particularly, you … Continue reading

Top reasons to visit the French Riviera

visit the French Riviera

One should not look for reasons to head to the glamorous French Rivera and visit one of the most stunning regions in Europe. However, if you are still not convinced about the endless travel possibilities Nice and its surroundings have to offer, let me show you the highlights of my recent stay in the French Rivera. I love travelling to Nice during the off-peak season which is basically any time of the year except in July and August. As you might know, French have their school holiday from the beginning of July to the end of August and most of … Continue reading

French women in London take shopping to the next level

For the few past months, London is experiencing a new wave of French fashion related events.  London has always been home to the biggest community of French expats in the world but since the start of the European crisis, London is attracting a totally new type of French expats. I love meeting French people living in London and sharing stories and reasons why we all left France to come to London. For instance, I have noticed that French people coming to the UK are younger and they don’t all necessary come for professional reasons only. It is long over the … Continue reading

Top Paris Events in 2015: save the date!

A French Perspective

Paris is one of the most, if not the most, culturally rich capitals in Europe. With hundreds of art galleries, pop-up events, concerts, permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as shows and so much more… Paris has always something to offer to everyone, no matter what your inclinations are, Paris has it all. Even though Paris is continual home for cultural events, every year the French capital hosts internationally renowned major events, from an iconic jazz festival to a run up the Eiffel tower: discover the top events in Paris for 2015…. Being French myself, I have made a selection … Continue reading

A weekend in Innsbruck: a luxurious winter escape

Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck certainly rings a bell with most people. We commonly associate Innsbruck with the Winter Olympic games (1964, 1976 & 2012). For instance, we think of Innsbruck as a skiing destination only. Innsbruck is so much more than skiing: it is a great winter luxurious escape! This all-year-long Austrian town offers great outdoor excursions, landscapes, heritage, History, sights and lots of entertainment in town (and, of course, top-notch ski resorts!). I was looking for a luxury winter destination where I could combine skiing with exciting visits and some pampering experiences when I suddenly remembered an ex-work college telling me beautiful things … Continue reading

Top 10 romantic London restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Restaurant Shard

Tic, tac.. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have no idea what to plan. You can always buy a bottle of French champagne and some chocolates on the day or… surprise your other half with one of the most romantic restaurants in London! Dining in one of the most romantic London restaurants is not just a matter of “going out”. To me, these romantic restaurants all offer an exceptional experience; a real adventure where ambiance, food, service and décor blend in a magical way. I was planning a Valentine’s Day surprise so I felt like sharing with … Continue reading

Duck and Waffle: drinks above London’s clouds

Credit: Cristina Alias

Last Sunday I was kind of bored and in need for a different experience, well as mentioned, it was Sunday which means “lazy mode” so marathon training, clubbing or high-street shopping were just not an option. Suddenly, the idea of a lazy cocktail above the clouds popped into my mind and deliciously attracted me towards the Duck & Waffle in the City of London.  The sky bars at the Heron Tower are not a novelty anymore: indeed, Sushi Samba has undeniably become the hottest rooftop in town. On weekends expect lines of extremely dressed-up people outside the elevator door and … Continue reading

Things to do in Lille : Escape for a stylish French weekend!

Lille in France

If you live in London and are looking for a great weekend or something different to do that doesn’t require long travelling hours or stressful airport check-ins, Lille might be your perfect destination! Let me help you to locate Lille: North West of France, only 10 miles from the Belgium border, 1 hour drive from Brussels and 1h26 from London by train: pretty accessible, hey? Ah, and you can also combine Lille with a nice little escape to Paris, the TGV (high speed train) takes you straight there in no time! So whether you want to concentrate in a lovely … Continue reading