A luxury stay in Santander, Spain

Amongst Spanish people, Santander remains nowadays one of the most luxurious sea-side towns in the whole of Spain. Even though Santander is not on the sunny and warm Mediterranean coast, its elegance and breathe-taking landscapes attracts year after year holiday makers from Madrid and, mainly, from the North of Spain. But Santander is not only a luxury destination to Spanish people, thanks to a direct Ferry line from the UK, the capital of Cantabria is also very popular within the UK and European market.

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If you are looking for a luxury stay in Northern Spain with endless sites to explore in the area then look no further, Santander is your perfect destination.

But what do we really love about Santander?

La playa del Sardinero: one of the most amazing long beaches in Europe. In fact, this beach and its promenade are so iconic that many songs and movies pay it tribute. El Sardinero is to Spain what Cannes is to France, basically.

  • a luxury stay in santander
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The Peninsula of La Magdalena: right by El Sardinero, this tiny peninsula takes you back to the grandeur of the 19th Century. Residential palaces, walks by the sea, royal gardens, unusual animals (such sea lions and penguins) and old-fashion sweets kiosk.. get the best views of Santander while exploring this magnificent piece of land in the ocean.

The tapas bar on the Plaza del Cañadio: sample what we all love so much about Spain… buzzing, colorful, high quality tapas bars. Head to this piazza and jump from one tapas bar to the other. Tipcally, locals like to have a couple of tapas with their wine (and sidra) rbefore going for diner around 8pm.

♥ The city center: don’t miss the cathedral, the Olympic port and the commercial streets.

The Casino: not only this casino is visually one of the most stunning buildings in Spain but the casino of Santander has a glorious past and remains a prestigious address. We would also recommend you to try the restaurant of the casino, enjoy first line views over the sea along with fine dining experiences.

a luxury stay in santander

Credits: Cristina Alias

♥ The locals: Santander offers this very rare mix of class with non nonchalance. From the moment you arrive into town for the first time, you will notice that people dress very elegantly every day, all day long. Santander has this old-school je ne sais quoi that gives to the town an chic allure while people remain very friendly, extremely happy and, without a question, genuinely helpful.

♥ The region: It goes without saying that Cantabria offers countless attractions. The landscapes are purely amazing: dramatic sea-side cliffs, beautiful beaches, high mountains and lots, lots of historical sights. So it is a great idea to use Santander as a base to explore one of the most attractive Spanish regions

♥ Golfing: Santander is home to one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world, the Real Golf de Pedreñas (in Marina de Cudeyo). In Santander you will find 5 top golf courses, see the list Santander golf course. But Cantabria is a region for golf lovers and it is very easy to find a decent golf course in every second town.

♥ The Hotel Gran Sardinero: Maybe because of its prime location or maybe because of its fame but one thing is sure, staying at the Gran Sardinero is one of the most luxurious experiences in Spain. We are talking about THE grand hotel on the glorious Sardinero promenade. To us, a stay at the Gran Sardinero is a holiday by itself. Enjoy prime sea-views, top-notch service and an incomparable elegant, traditional Canatbric feel to it… Find more info about our Santander favourite luxury hotel Gran Hotel Sardinero.

  • a luxury stay in santander
    All Credits: Cristina Alias

We hope you enjoyed our tips about a luxury stay in Santander. Share the love and do not hesitate to leave your comments below :)

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