A day in Saint-Jean-de Luz: top attractions

Saint-Jean-de-Luz -on the South West coast- is certainly one of the most desired sea-side towns in France but despite being one of the most exclusives post codes, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a holiday destination everybody would enjoy. If you are travelling to the South West of France I would definitely recommend that you spend a day in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

a day in saint jean de luz

Even though Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a small sized sea-side town, it offers so many things to do that you could comfortably spend  2 weeks there and never get bored, I promise. I have just spent the most amazing 10 days there and every day was as exciting as the previous one.

a day in saint jean de luz

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If you follow my posts, you would know by now that I am from France and specifically from this region, from the Basque country area. I am now living in London, UK, but I make sure that I spend as much time as I can there (and also in Provence, my second home) and as strange as it may sound, every time I go to this part of France it feels like a new holiday destination! Well, I must confess that I always like trying different hotels, apartment rentals and base myself in different villages! In French we say “on n’est jamais prophète chez soi” and, indeed, we always tend to want to explore new places rather than to give a proper chance to our home town. So, mesdames et monsieurs, I am very proud of loving and sharing my love for this oh so gorgeous part of France that I call home.

So what could you expect from a day in Saint-Jean-de-Luz? Let me list you below my top reasons for spending a day in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

1. Walk along the sea side on the promenade


2. Sample regional Basque food specialties


  • Traditional Basque specialties retailers

3. Shop, shop & shop in a unique high street


4. Visit the Maison Louis XIV


5. Walk around the port

a day in saint jean de luz

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6. Buy fine pastries


7. Have a drink on the main square


8. Visit the local market

a day in saint jean de luz

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9. Enjoy regional food at the restaurants

a day in saint jean de luz

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10. Visit the luxury SPA

a day in saint jean de luz

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